A pile of deep fried creme eggs covered in icing sugar

A Scottish Delicacy: Deep Fried Creme Eggs

Origin: Scotland

Type: Dessert

Main Flavours: Chocolate, sweet creme 

About Scottish Deep Fried Creme Eggs

Deep-fried creme eggs are a fairly new Scottish invention bringing a chaotic twist to the traditional Cadbury’s creme egg. Originating from chip shops (chippies) in Scotland, this dish features a Cadbury Creme Egg that’s coated in dough and deep-fried (yep, you heard that right!). You’ll usually only find them in Scottish chippies around Easter time.

The deep-fried creme egg was inspired by the classic Scottish deep-fried Mars Bar.

What Zsófi Says About Deep Fried Creme Eggs:

If you’re ever in the UK around Easter time, you might notice all the chocolate eggs in purple wrapping sitting on the supermarket shelves, waiting for you to bite into them and get surprised by the extremely sugary and creamy insides that come spilling out. You love it or you hate it – a Cadbury Creme Egg is an absolute spring staple.

Its chocolatey outside is filled with an egg white and sugar fondant dyed yellow with food dyes to mimic a real egg. Upon hearing this, you might want to immediately get your hands on one, and use them in your next Easter egg hunt, or, alternatively, stay far away from them. What not many would think is “I would love to deep-fry it and serve it in my chip shop.” – and what a lack of creativity that shows.

Deep-fried Cadbury Creme Eggs are not very common, but their very existence inspires shock. They are as simple as they sound: grab a bit of dough, wrap it around the chocolate egg and toss it in the fryer for as long as needed. Out comes the sweet equivalent to a Scotch egg, all batter on the outside, all chocolate and goo on the inside. Really, it doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

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How to Make Deep Fried Creme Egg At Home

If you can’t make it to Scotland around Easter time but are set on trying this weird but wonderful delicacy, here’s how you can make it yourself at home!

What You’ll Need

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs (these are usually only available around Easter time)

Pizza dough (either store bought or homemade)

Vegetable oil for frying

Kitchen roll or absorbent paper

Deep Creme Egg Instructions

We’d recommend only frying one or two eggs at a time, so that you can keep an eye on them and make sure that they don’t burn.

Thinly roll out your pizza dough and cut it into rounds big enough to cover one creme egg each.

Remove the tinfoil from each creme egg and place into the centre of your piece of dough.

Wrap the dough around the creme egg and use a small amount of water to create a seal, to make sure that no oil gets into the inside of the egg whilst it’s frying.

Ideally in a small but deep pan, heat enough oil to completely cover at least half of the egg, but ideally enough to cover the whole thing. You can test if the oil is hot enough by dropping a small piece of dough into the oil. If it sizzles immediately and floats to the top, you know that the oil is hot enough to start cooking!

Place each egg carefully into the oil and cook for 3-4 minutes on each side, or until golden brown. Make sure that all of the dough has cooked in the oil before you remove them, otherwise you will end up with some raw dough when you eat them. 

Once removed, place each one onto a piece of kitchen roll to absorb the excess oil, and let cool slightly before eating.

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