a slice of cheesy deep fried pizza

What on Earth is Deep Fried Pizza?

Origin: Scotland

Type: Takeaway

Main Flavours: Savoury, cheese

About Scottish Deep Fried Pizza

Deep-fried pizza is a weird and wonderful Scottish creation that brings a unique twist to the traditional chip shop pizza (and who even knew that was a thing, anyway?). Originating from chip shops (chippies) in Scotland, this dish features pizza that is deep fried as opposed to the usual baked. The concept of deep-frying anything is hailed as a Scottish tradition, and some may say that it’s gone too far. Some say it’s gone just far enough.

Try it at home!

What Zsófi Says About Deep Fried Pizza:

To start, I need to clarify one thing. The Scottish do have ovens. Ovens, suitable for baking pizzas. But what need is there for an oven in a chippy shop when there is already oil, warmed up and ready after working overtime on fish and chips and the occasional Mars bar? 

Yes, in some Scottish chippies pizzas are served deep-fried (without batter) by the slice or even deep-fried with batter – this latter is called the Pizza Crunch after its crispy texture. The Scottish – although love a good old Italian pizza – have a lot of pride in their deep-fried version – so much so that “Deep-fry your pizzas, we’re gonnae deep-fry your pizzas” has become a popular fan chant in any football match against Italy – what a tasty threat.

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How to Make Deep Fried Pizza at Home

Okay, we’re not necessarily saying that you should try this one at home, but if you did want to, here’s how you would do it…

What You’ll Need

Some pizza, pre-cooked, however much you dare to eat!

Vegetable oil for frying

Kitchen roll or absorbent paper

Deep Fried Pizza Instructions

To be blunt – do we really need to tell you how to deep fry a pizza?

We’d recommend doing it slice-by-slice, rather than trying to fry bigger pieces all at once! 

Ideally in a small but deep pan, heat enough oil to completely cover your slice of pizza. You can test if the oil is hot enough by dipping the edge of one slice of pizza into the oil. If it sizzles immediately, it’s ready. 

Place your pizza carefully into the oil and cook for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown. Then place it onto a piece of kitchen roll to absorb the excess oil, and let it cool slightly before eating.

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