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10 Female Artists You Need to Add to Your Summer Playlist

Craving the warmth of summer? Get started with your playlist now with the timeless classics of these 10 female artists, guaranteed to fill your summer soundtrack with vibrant energy and unforgettable tunes.


Looking to create the ultimate feminist summer playlist? Not sure who to add to it? Then look no further. Below are 10 female artists whose music is sure to add some fun to your summer playlists. A few are very well known artists, but it would have felt wrong to not include them in this list as, to me, they really are the top 10 artists to listen to this summer. 

Caity Baser

It would have felt wrong to not start with Caity Baser. She has released many amazing songs over the past couple of years, and has recently grown in popularity through Tik Tok.

Her song with Sigala and Mae Muller (feat. Stefflon Don) ‘Feels This Good’ is such a catchy song. It feels like the kind of song you would listen to in the car on your way to the beach on a hot summer’s day. It’s just such a feel good song that puts a smile on my face and gets me dancing every single time I listen to it.

This isn’t Caity Baser’s only hit though. Her songs ‘Pretty Boys’ and ‘Friendly Sex’ are the ultimate scream in your car songs – tried and tested!

Miley Cyrus

This selection is hardly a revelation: an artist we all know. But Miley Cyrus’ song ‘Flowers’ had to feature in my top 10. This song just screams female empowerment to me (so much so I’ve written a whole article on it!). It’s such a feel good song, it always puts me in the best mood – the perfect mood for a summer playlist.

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Again, hardly a new and upcoming artist. But Anne-Marie’s new song featuring Shania Twain is an absolute banger. I love the combination of pop with country music. There’s a real cross over between genres created in this song with the twang on the guitar creating a country feel, but the voicing of Anne-Marie adding that pop feel.

As well, because of the feature of Shania Twain the country element is automatically heard through her incredibly recognisable voice. I love the combination of a chart artist like Anne-Marie bringing in a previous chart artists (who as far as I’m concerned should always be in the charts with ‘Man! I feel Like a Woman’). It feels like there’s something in the song for everyone.


I was torn on whether or not to include Loreen… but with a winning song in this year’s Eurovision I felt like it was a must. It’s circulating radio stations at the moment, and is an incredibly catchy tune that I think most people are able to sing along too.

Wet Leg

Now, one of the main reasons I am including Wet Leg is because they are supporting Harry Styles in his ‘Love on Tour’ tour this year, and anyone who Harry Styles is a fan of, I am a fan of (true Harry Styles fan here). But actually after having listened to their music, I was incredibly surprised as to how much I liked them.

‘Chaise Longue’ is a really interesting song. The way their lyrics are projected is through spoken word, less so singing. It’s a really interesting mix of monotone voicing in her lyrics, with quite a repetitive rhythm and melody. You’d think it would be a bit boring, but really it creates a really catchy tune.

Perhaps one of their most recognisable songs is ‘Wet Dream’. It is quite similar in its repetitiveness to ‘Chaise Longue’ but far more melodic in the lyrics. Both are incredibly catchy songs, and I think a great addition to a summer playlist. 

Arlo Parks ft. Phoebe Bridgers

‘Pegasus’ came out in May of this year, and I just loved the song. Both Arlo Parks and Phoebe Bridgers are amazing artists, and this song highlights that. Most of the other songs I have recommended thus far have been quite upbeat, but this one takes a slight backseat and is far more chilled. It has a calming energy to it but still has upbeat instrumental lines, particularly in the drums. It’s a great song for listening to and just listening: no dancing, no screaming lyrics in the car, just listening and enjoying. 


Jazzy is a new and up-coming artist who has broken into the UK top 40 charts with her song ‘Giving Me’. Described as ‘a club ready slice of Irish house’, Jazzy has released a song that is made to be blasted from speakers in a club this summer. The drum line adds momentum to the song. The repetitive nature of the bass and synth lines adds to this momentum and creates an infectious feeling. It feels impossible to not have a little dance to this song – perfect for those summer nights.

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Released in 2023, her song ‘Little Gone Girl’ is a great song to add to your summer playlists. We’re back to a song you can shout at the top of your lungs. The lyrics feel incredibly empowering, like she’s singing about what’s going on inside of her head. The chorus is a split between Chinchilla almost shouting a few lines, to singing the next few in an incredibly powerful tone. I can imagine it blaring on speakers at a summer BBQ and everyone getting fully invested in screaming the chorus along with her. 

Em Beihold

Em Beihold has released two songs that have some of the most relatable lyrics I think I’ve ever heard in a song. ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Numb Little Bug’ both examine the trials and tribulations of being 20 something and struggling with life. Her voice is so soothing and the songs so catchy that they provide the perfect listening on a summer playlist.

But her most recognisable song is probably ‘Until I Found Her’ with Stephen Sanchez. This song went viral on Tik Tok and is still used regularly on the app. This song is so beautiful that it would be a crime to not include it. At the end of a summer ’s evening with all your friends round it feels like the perfect winding down song that everyone can listen to and appreciate.

Lizzy McAlphine

Finally, we have Lizzy McAlphine. Her song ‘Ceilings’ went viral on Tik Tok, and again like Em Beihold, is still used regularly on the app. Her voice is soft and delicate, creating a serene feeling to her music. Again, another great artist for the end of the evening when you need a slightly more chilled vibe.

Each of these artists are phenomenal with what they do. They all have many songs that one could pick to be on a summer playlist, but these are just a few that I would personally include. This is (part of) my ultimate summer playlist.

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